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Disposal cost in Winchester VA | Berryville VA | Leesburg VA | Warren County VA

What is junk disposal? Junk removal and disposal is simply how it sounds getting rid of unwanted items. Hulk Haulers VA movers and junk removal offers disposal services. You can choose what you wish to dispose of and give us a call and we will take care of the rest.

Why hire a professional Junk removal company

Weather the items are going in or out you still need professional movers reason because:

  1. You don't want damage to your walls.

  2. you don't want damage to your property.

  3. You don't want damage to your landscape.

  4. You don't want to cause damage to your self.

Assuring safety to your self and property is essential to movers so hire professionals!

Base price for Junk disposal?

Small hauls -1 person labor crew range from $150 - $300

Medium hauls - 2 person labor crew range from $350 - $575

Large hauls - 3 person labor crew range from $600 - $1000

hoarder cleanouts - 8+ person labor crew range from $5000 - $10,000

Commercial cleanouts 10+ person labor crew range from $10,000 - $50,000

These prices can fluctuate depending on the time of season you book!


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