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Should I hire a Junk removal Company before my move?

The simple answer is yes, sometimes we have things that we can live without but do not know that we can at the moment but if you stop and re evaluate the items you have you will find that there are items that you can live without! I suggest that you don't take the clutter to your new home! Start fresh with new furniture new design of your home especially if any of your furniture is damaged.

Cost of Junk Removal before moving?
Cost can vary depending on the amount of furniture or junk that needs to be removed! If you are looking to clear out a significant amount of furniture prepare to spend anywhere between $700-$1200 on your removal! If you want to remove all of your furniture and junk then you can expect to spend any where from $900-$3000 and this range will depend on the amount of items that need to be removed!

Should i use my junk removal company to move me?

Using a junk removal company to complete your move can be a good idea. If you junk removal company also specializes in moving, you are essentially able to complete two separate jobs at once, which saves you time and can save you money. If you have items that need to be junked and items that need to be moved, you can set up your contract so that your company will complete the entire job at one flat cost or rate. Also, because you are using the same company, you can expect the same quality of service throughout the entire project.

Things to consider:

When using a junk removal company to complete your move, you'll want to ensure the company also specializes in moving. Hauling junk and moving require similar, but very different skills. You'll want to make sure that any items that need to be moved are handled carefully since you'll still be using them, rather than junking them. You will also want to make sure the junk removal company has insurance that covers moving in case any major damage occurs in transit. L

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